New Center for Native Students and the Arts

Serving Native Students, Celebrating Native Arts

As an extension of the university’s commitment to upholding the legacy and impact of Oscar Howe, the USD University Art Galleries are partnering with Native Student Services to launch a comprehensive plan to create a space that honors Howe’s work, existing side by side with a new state-of-the-art center.

This space will provide student support services and culturally relevant programming throughout the year, hosting artists who have been influence by Howe’s legacy, art-focused workshops and opportunities for gallery events centered on Northern Plains Art. Community members and students alike can expect a transformational space that unites two highly distinguished campus programs into a comprehensive unit that will have a state, regional and national impact. It will provide vital research opportunities for the academic and artistic study of Northern Plains Nation cultures, with half of building being an art gallery dedicated to Northern Plains Native American art. We will be able to accurately celebrate and honor the tremendous legacy of USD Native alumni, faculty and staff. Ultimately, it will be a place where Native students can receive support and develop into the leaders of tomorrow. In addition, students will have opportunities to take part in cultural gatherings, student groups like Tiospaye and social activities like drum group practice.

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USD is committed to the success of its Native students and to honoring the Tribal Nations that contribute so much to our region. This new center will establish a nexus of intergenerational education and art on campus – areas which are critically important to the preservation of Native culture. Further support of scholarships and programming for Native students will expand access to higher education for this population that is often overlooked and ensure the transference of generational knowledge in an inclusive environment. To support this project, you can donate using the form below.