Red Perks

From local favorites to the world's best brands, you can save BIG with your Red Perks membership!

Red Perks is a new program offered by the USD Alumni Association to benefit you! Coyote alumni and friends can enjoy discounts from across the nation at favorite restaurants, retailers, theme parks, travel vendors and, on your smart phone, anytime, anywhere.

Gaining access to the exclusive Red Perks program is simple. Join for $50 and enjoy Red Perks for 1 year. Join for $1,000 and receive a lifetime of Red Perks benefits.

Even simpler, is accessing your savings. Once you join you will receive an email with your access code.

  • Use the Red Perks website or mobile app to set up your account.
  • Search for savings by the ZIP code where you are...or plan to be.
  • Follow the redemption instructions for each business and enjoy the savings!



One-year access to Red Perks

Lifetime access to Red Perks

Benefits may be discontinued or adjusted as a result of usage, quality and other factors.

Gifts made for the benefit of the USDAA will be owned by USDF and will be used to support program costs. USDF retains the right to redirect the funds received if such use becomes unnecessary, impossible, or inconsistent with the needs of the organization.

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