Your USD Family Legacy
If multiple members of your family attended USD, we'd like to hear your story.
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2 Maiden name:
3 * Last name:
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7 Please provide the name(s) and relationship of family members who have attended USD:
8 How were your USD experiences similiar?
9 How did your USD experiences differ?
10 What has your USD family legacy meant to you?
11 What is a favorite memory of Dakota Days?
12 What professors had the greatest impact on you?
13 What were the hallmarks of student life during your time at USD?
14 What USD traditions did you like most? Why?
15 What specific ways did your time at USD shape who you are and where you've gone in life?
16 If you have other comments, include them here:
17 What year did you graduate (or which year do you consider yourself to be a a member of i.e. "class of ____")?
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