Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association was started by a group of USD students in the spring of 2015 with the goal of strengthening ties between students and alumni. The organization continues to grow and refine its activities with the support of USD's Student Services staff and the alumni association. 

Mission Statement

The Student Alumni Association shall provide valuable and enriching experiences in the manner of personal and professional development, graduation and transition, and the cultivation and perpetuation of interpersonal relationships.

What do we do?

Throughout the year, the Student Alumni Association connects students to alumni through various programs. Some of the main programs that are run by SAA are:

Student Networking Dinner

This is for 30 graduating seniors (vetted through an application process) to network with executive level alumni in the Sioux Falls area.

Alumni Speakers on Campus

This is a chance for the general student body to meet with our esteemed alumni. These events range from class visits, panelist participation, and solo presentations.

Pop Ups

Throughout each semester, the Alumni Association and the Student Alumni Association like to take the opportunity to say hello, meet some of the current students at USD, and spread the Coyote love. Look for us as we "pop up" around campus with some Coyote goodies!

Get Involved


Interested in joining the Student Alumni Association? Contact for more information.


Interested in mentoring a student, coming to campus as an alumni speaker, or attending our senior networking dinner? Contact for more information and opportunities.

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