The funds will cover the cost of Teacher Pathway courses for 148 juniors and seniors in the SFSD this semester.

“This donation is a smart and generous investment in our future teachers,” said Jacqueline Wilber, Ed.D., director of the Center for Student and Professional Services in the School of Education. “While Teacher Pathway courses are only $40 per credit – a significantly reduced rate from full tuition – this cost can still be a financial barrier for some students. This donation provides an equal opportunity for all Teacher Pathway students to receive college credit.”

The donation was announced last month during the Teacher Pathway group’s visit to the USD – Sioux Falls campus. During the visit, students met with several people from USD – including Jordan Decker, associate director of admissions for USD – Sioux Falls; Branden Hoefert, Ed.D., lecturer and faculty advisor for the Division of Teacher Residency and Education; and Jay Perry, vice president for USD – Sioux Falls – to learn more about the university’s education programs, particularly those offered in Sioux Falls.

Teacher Pathway students also heard from current elementary education students during a student panel and toured the USD – Sioux Falls campus.

“Students were able to explore the cutting-edge facilities and state-of-the-art resources available at USD – Sioux Falls, gaining invaluable insights into the diverse opportunities and experiences offered by USD’s School of Education,” said Dajshon Keel, a recruiter at the USD School of Education. “USD – Sioux Falls is an affordable option that enables students to enroll in a program they’re passionate about while staying in Sioux Falls."

USD’s elementary education program is now fully available from start to finish at USD – Sioux Falls.

“The Teacher Pathway group's visit to USD – Sioux Falls was a testament to the power of experiential learning and hands-on exploration in igniting passion and curiosity among aspiring educators,” said Keel. “Students left the campus inspired and motivated, with a deeper understanding of the vital role educators play in shaping the future.”

About Teacher Pathway

Established in 2017, Teacher Pathway is a unique partnership between the Sioux Falls School District (SFSD) and the University of South Dakota. This program facilitates opportunities for students in the district who are interested in becoming teachers. SFSD students in the program have the option to take two USD education courses, which transfer directly into the USD teacher education program and give students an early start on their educational journey in the USD School of Education.

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