Oscar Howe Legacy Project

Northern Plains Contemporary Native Art Gallery and Native Student Services

The University of South Dakota is home to both a vibrant Native American Cultural Center and the largest collection of Oscar Howe’s art. USD is committed to upholding Howe’s mission to fuel the limitless potential of Native education, Native culture and Native art. This proposal builds on Howe’s legacy to establish a world-class research and resource center dedicated to Native student services and contemporary Native art.

This space will provide student support services and culturally relevant programming throughout the year, hosting artists who have been influenced by Howe’s legacy, art focused workshops and opportunities for gallery events centered on Plains art. This will be a transformational space that will provide vital research opportunities for the study of Northern Plains Native culture.

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The Arts & Culture sector contributes $1.2 billion annually to the South Dakota economy. This is solidified by the 300+ Native scholars enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs who continue on to support the growing economy via successful careers in medicine, art, teaching and more. Funding the Oscar Howe Legacy Project means funding the future of South Dakota, its residents and its place on a national level. To support this project, you can donate using the form below.