I'm ready to Take My Seat!

Gifts of $500 to the Take Your Seat campaign will be recognized with a plaque affixed to a seat within either venue. The plaques will provide a way for donors to celebrate their memories of fine arts at USD, give a meaningful gift, honor a favorite professor or memorialize a loved one. If you have made your gift, you are welcome to submit the form below with your desired inscription, in accordance with the stated guidelines.

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Example for purposes of illustration only.

Naming opportunities:

  • Limited to individual(s), family, organization/business and “class of” names
  • USD graduation years will be permitted (format will be ’98, listed after graduates name)
  • Individual titles will be permitted (e.g. Mr., Mrs., Dr., Professor)

Donors can opt to include any of the following on line 1:

  • In memory of
  • Donated by
  • In honor of
This is a required field so that we can record your inscription with your gift information. This field will not appear on the seat tag.