USD Women in Philanthropy

Uniting Women to Make an Impact

More than a single program or organization, the University of South Dakota Women in Philanthropy network is a movement—a uniting of like-minded women using diverse talents, backgrounds and experiences to enhance the university and positively impact its students.

"When women come together, they get things done." - USD President Sheila Gestring

Inspired by a shared mission, USD Women in Philanthropy is providing a platform where women can pool their resources, passion and philanthropic insight to make a difference not only in the lives of students but also in their respective communities. By providing opportunities for engagement, women discover their passions and interests and connect with other women to become visionary investors supporting the University of South Dakota.

USD Women in Philanthropy is making a difference far beyond financial contributions. Together, we are:

  • Giving women a collective voice at the University of South Dakota.
  • Fostering invaluable multi-generational mentorship opportunities.
  • Celebrating a powerful and accomplished network of USD women and empowering them to lead.
  • Creating opportunities for students to reach their potential.

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