Coyote Legacy Scholarship

Recognizing Alumni Families

Legacy Coyote family

Your USD Alumni Association is not only connecting alumni across the nation through programming and events, but also providing opportunity for your USD legacy through the Coyote Legacy Scholarship program.

The Coyote Legacy Scholarship aims to bring the Coyote family together to recognize and support the children of alumni who pursue a degree at USD and see it as the obvious choice. Children of University of South Dakota alumni can pay in-state tuition for their undergraduate degrees regardless of where they live under a program approved by the South Dakota Board of Regents. The Coyote Legacy Scholarship program is currently available to in-state students so that their families may be similarly recognized for their commitment to the University of South Dakota.

As we work to meet you where you are and positively impact alumni and their families, we welcome your support to ensure the next generation of Coyotes has access to the same traditions and experiences that you did. Donate to the USD Alumni Legacy Scholarship Current Fund by using the form below.

Family Tradition

Emma Lavin was thrilled when she learned she would receive the Coyote Legacy Scholarship. Her USD story wouldn’t be possible without the four generations of Coyotes in the Davis/Lavin family that came before her. Read about this multi-generational USD family.

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Taken in the late 1920s or early 30s, this photo shows Marshall Davis at the back of the photo to the right of the man in the hat and tie.