Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment is developing sustainable solutions to reduce all forms of child maltreatment in South Dakota, beginning with child sexual abuse.

Child maltreatment prevention and response is a complex issue. Responsibility for prevention efforts and corresponding promotion of child wellbeing is shared across multiple agencies and programs in the child welfare system. CPCM brings unity to the work. The three pillars of our work are:

  • Know: Building knowledge of best practices, data, and research.
  • Respond: Fostering multidisciplinary response and intervention.
  • Prevent: Uniting South Dakotans in prevention efforts by creating trauma-informed communities.

The Ray of Hope breakfast is held the first week of April, Child Abuse Prevention Month. The breakfast event recognizes efforts across the state to end child maltreatment. In its third year, the event will reach 200 attendees from across the state.

Your support of the breakfast event enables CPCM to continue to offer community training and engagement opportunities on the long-term impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences and supports the efforts of Resilient Communities in building framework that is community-specific to support the efforts of communities to know, respond and prevent.