College of Fine Arts Celebration of Excellence

Celebration of Excellence

Founded in 1931, the University of South Dakota College of Fine Arts has long represented hope, inspiration and the power of the arts as a catalyst for change that spans across state lines. It’s vital we recognize the alumni, educators and friends of the USD College of Fine Arts who have played an integral role in establishing its 90 years of excellence.

The college has demonstrated those values as the only College of Fine Arts in the state of South Dakota. Serving the state as a cultural hub means bringing unique points of view, world-renowned artists and talented faculty to campus to create a welcoming community for the next generation of creative leaders.

Hall of Fame recipients will receive a custom award and will be recognized by brass nameplates on the sculpture honor wall, an installation constructed in 2021 on the wall east of the John A. Day Gallery in the Warren M. Lee Center for the Fine Arts.