Marcus' USD Story

Think about those who supported and guided you throughout college and how they impacted your life as a student. What was the best advice you received from them? That's just one of the questions we ask USD senior Marcus Destin in this video. Watch below to hear his response. 👇

The best piece of advice that I got during my time at USD came from two different people... [The first was] 'find your why'... [and the second was] 'you do the best you can as best as you can because you can'. That's what keeps me humble and keeps me going and allows me room to constantly grow. And that's what's most important. -Marcus

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Interview with an Alumnae

As we get ready to welcome the USD Class of 2021 into the Coyote alumni community, think about what advice or piece of knowledge you would’ve liked to know before you entered the next chapter of your life. That’s just what Marcus and alumnae Kara discuss in this interview. Watch the wonderful exchange between the two below!

" husband and I find it so important to really start giving back financially is because we both attribute so many happy memories to college." -Kara V., '15

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Find Your Why, Make an Impact

As a USD alum, friend, fan or donor, you are an important part of the Coyote community. Watch this video of Marcus as he tells his USD story–the driving force behind his why–and shares a message with viewers like you that have followed his journey so far. Your generosity does not go unnoticed and has a direct impact on students just like Marcus.

USD and the Vermillion community helped me find my voice and provided me with many opportunities and supported me as a student to be the best version of myself. That's why I'm giving back. I want future students to have the same opportunities and experiences that I had at USD. And as a matter of fact, I want them to have better experiences than I had at USD. -Marcus D.

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