Student Emergency Fund


The Student Emergency Fund is the University of South Dakota’s ongoing effort to provide financial assistance to students in need and to remove barriers so that our students receive the highest quality education possible.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, USD launched the Student Emergency Fund to support students who faced major life and financial disruptions, such as unexpected travel and moving expenses, lost income, canceled performances and competitions. Hundreds within the Coyote community stepped up to provide funding to students in need.

While the pandemic has ebbed and flowed, its ramifications remain and students have been forced to continue to adapt to new learning realities and financial circumstances. Other life circumstances can make it difficult for students to afford basic necessities in the event of an emergency.

The USD Student Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to enrolled students who are unable to meet qualifying expenses as a result of emergency situations, such as fires, natural disasters, criminal victimhood, sudden economic downturns, acute medical events, family deaths and other unforeseen catastrophes.

Eligible Expenses

Grants are intended to cover unforeseen emergencies and essentials, such as:

  • Housing assistance
  • Medical, mental health or dental costs
  • Travel expenses to receive medical care or tend to
    sick or deceased family members
  • Academically necessary textbooks, technology or
    service costs, such as internet
  • Childcare
  • Food
  • Toiletries, clothing and other basic needs

Learn More

Download the informational packet to learn more about the impact that the Student Emergency Fund has had on Coyotes.

Informational Packet

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By making a gift today to the Student Emergency Fund, you will help ensure that our students needing financial assistance during this time of uncertainty are supported by those who care about their education the most.